VA - International Pop Overthrow volume 5 3CD


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International Pop Overthrowフェスティバルのコンピレーションvol. 5

CD1-1 Jellyfish (2)– All I Want Is Everything CD1-2 The Lackloves– Starspangledsattleites CD1-3 The Pillbugs– Delicious CD1-4 Marykate O'Neil– Still Waiting CD1-5 Helium Angel– Enjoy The Gravity CD1-6 Chewy Marble– Don't Look At The Sun CD1-7 The Shazam– New Thing CD1-8 KC Bowman– The Super Bad Report CD1-9 Receiver (2)– Aeroplane CD1-10 The Vague– 3 Monkees CD1-11 Fools Face– Fortunate Flowers CD1-12 Mr. Encrypto– The Last Time CD1-13 Wendie Colter And The Innocents (6)– Only You Can Do It CD1-14 Adam Power– Winston Jones CD1-15 Tony Low– Rev CD1-16 Trolley– More Than A Man CD1-17 Mark Watson Band– The King Of Big Mistakes CD1-18 Ed James (4)– Trippin' On Your Love CD1-19 Trip Adagio– Suspicious Benefits CD1-20 Barry Holdship– Where To From Here? CD1-21 The Popdudes*– Helter Skelter CD1-22 The Dons (2)– Savoy Truffle CD1-23 Wonderdrug– Salvation CD2-1 Starclock– Yo Pussycat CD2-2 Copperpot (2)– Nothing Lasts Forever CD2-3 The Waking Hours– Whispered News CD2-4 3rd Degree (4)– Gone CD2-5 The Churchills– Close My Eyes CD2-6 Rick Altizer– Just Because CD2-7 The Kennedys– Why, Winona, Why? CD2-8 The Tearaways– Remember CD2-9 The Fizzies– Love American Style CD2-10 Lisa Mychols– Gonna Get That Boy CD2-11 AM Radio– You Saved My Life Last Night CD2-12 sparkle*jets u.k.– Good Morning World CD2-13 Paul Melançon*– Jeff Lynne CD2-14 Jeremy*– Highway To Heaven CD2-15 Tiny Volcano– Loaded Gun CD2-16 Maple Mars– Good Time For A Friend CD2-17 Cloud Eleven– Tuesday Letter CD2-18 Colony (3)– Who I Wanted To Be CD2-19 Phamous Phaces– Love Me Alone CD2-20 Badger (3)– Every Other Sunday CD2-21 The General Store– Coming Down CD2-22 Tony Rivers And Anthony Rivers (2)– Don't Make Me Wait CD3-1 Epicycle– You Should Know It CD3-2 Paula Kelley– Two Possible Answers (The Road) CD3-3 Blue Cartoon– Da Vinci's Art CD3-4 Starbelly– Baby's Eyes CD3-5 The Andersons– She's Probably With Him Right Now CD3-6 The Wombats (4)– Lose The Creep CD3-7 Binge (4)– Anna Kournikova CD3-8 Tammy And The Lords Of Misrule*– Paper Cup CD3-9 Pinkslip– Best Kept Secret CD3-10 John McMullan– One Girl Off The Ground CD3-11 Phil Angotti And The Idea– Too Late Tomorrow CD3-12 Terry Carolan– Holly CD3-13 Glowfriends– The Song Inside My Head CD3-14 The NOW People– Town Without Pity CD3-15 The Malibooz– California Days CD3-16 Jet City– Right Thing CD3-17 Spinning Jennies– Under Attack CD3-18 Kelly's Heels– Waiting For A Tambourign CD3-19 Shplang– I Want To Be Someone CD3-20 Cherry Blossom Clinic– Something New CD3-21 Luke Jackson (3)– I Remain CD3-22 Herb Eimerman– If We Want It CD3-23 Kevin Tihista's Red Terror– You Don't Have To Be Sorry